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How to remove annoying ads from Windows 11 Softonic

Click on that X to delete the AliExpress Shopping App app. Send an email to Click to email requesting that they delete your account. At Chinafans, we like to explain everything about fun and cheap products. We give tips on how to choose these products, but also take you through how different webshops work. After following the four steps outlined above, you should have the account deleted. The next step is to click on the account icon at the top right-hand corner.

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Type “netsh winsock reset” into the Command Prompt and press Enter. Type “cmd” into the Run dialog box and press Enter to open the Command Prompt. Close out of the dialog box and try loading the page again. Restart your computer and open your browser to see if the error persists. Choose if you want to use addresses IPv4 either IPv6 for DNS configuration.

How to Delete Your AliExpress Account Without a Password

It is possible that the website you are trying to reach has changed. By clearing the stored data from your operating system you might be able to fix this error. If this is not the case, repeat the steps, but instead of unblocking connections, disable the firewall entirely. If this did not clear the error, there is probably something wrong with the settings. Unfortunately, the error message itself does not give you any info as to what is the cause, all you can do is try different solutions and hope that one of them will work. Err_connection_timed_out can occur when your network adapter are outdated or corrupt. In such a case, updating them might solve the issue.

  • False-positive is when a file is flagged as malware or a virus.
  • If nothing changes after that, go ahead and remove all those files.
  • You can start using the first method and if it doesn’t remove the problem, then head over to the other solution.
  • Common examples of IDP virus types include MessengerTime browser hijacker trojans, spyware, password-stealing viruses, and banking malware, all of which can cause identity theft, stolen passwords, or bank details.

Adjust your browsers’ settings to block pop-ups and to load plug-ins only when clicked. Keep Windows firewall enabled or get a third-party one.

Remove from Microsoft Edge

This is why, the antivirus program tends to block the particular file, making it difficult to run the program or let it crash for no reason at all. Owing to the cyber world being full of threats antivirus software is becoming stricter and overprotective with every phase of development and that gives way to a lot of false positive. In this case, you can switch to different antivirus software to check for the false flag.

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